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TributeNymphoAuntyMusicShemaleUnderwearTwinsOutdoorClassroomPrettyKissingRoughProstituteBulgarianSoloPopular With WomenChubbyProstate MassageGymCorsetUpskirtFetish
Her first lesbian experiemce
Her first lesbian experiemce

Her first lesbian experiemce

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Well personally I can't fathom trusting something that hasn't been proven to be even real, but for those that do, I know one of the reasons is confirmation bias. For example most christians will claim that god answers their prayers and when asked what those examples are, they will provide something that could be interpreted as just normal, or takes creative interpretation to link that to the god they believe in. I've heard christians say for example, I asked for a sign and then it started raining .well, did you check the weather forecast? Rain is normal. If you really think about it, that's a rather egotistical view to think that god made it rain just for you. What if there was someone in the area that was praying it would stay dry? They also never count the number of times their prayers failed. If you really tracked it, there is no reason at all to put your trust in something like that, not only because there's no evidence of a god to begin with, but because when put to the test in prayer, it fails.

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28.03.2018 12:48:29 Kelkis:

Its like the election all over again


01.04.2018 12:10:06 Tojalkis:

I never turn an offer down :-)


10.04.2018 17:12:19 Shatilar:

Her name is Adriana Chechik


19.04.2018 6:27:35 Yozshumuro:

Thank you for your comprehensive reply.


25.04.2018 11:53:22 Faugrel:

He attacked an argument I did not advance.


02.05.2018 17:33:41 Malam:

jealousy is a curse.


08.05.2018 10:39:16 Taujind:

Anti-Fa is as bad as the Neo-Nazi.


12.05.2018 23:20:55 Shakajas:

Maybe they could get him for possession...........??


20.05.2018 7:15:03 Zugore:

My favorite is Jwoww


28.05.2018 14:23:35 Yotilar:

still, the polls #s are going up.


30.05.2018 14:38:37 Takus:

Increase your understanding of language and words Cay.


31.05.2018 1:46:41 Mitaur:

Great Quotes In California History:


02.06.2018 13:16:36 Mikalabar:

Incorrect usage of the term.


06.06.2018 2:36:15 Yozshujas:

They swore to 400 pages of facts.


08.06.2018 1:02:29 Jusho:

I'm the only one who can fix health care.


18.06.2018 19:48:24 Arashisida:

If we can execute her VERY slowly, OK.

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Her first lesbian experiemce
Her first lesbian experiemce
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