Interview With Francis Langford

Francis LandfordInterview With Francis Langford

Earlier this year, Rumors of a Peter Files reunion were squash when the band’s front person, Francis Langford, announced plans to release his second solo album. With a new album dropping in July and a tour to follow, the earliest the Peter Files can get back into the studio is early 2014.

With so much going on, both in his solo career and with his iconic band, The Night Things decided to sit down with Langford and get his take on what’s going on with his goings on. The singer/guitarist/zitherist met our intrepid reporter, Alex J. Rollins at a Boston Market.

TNT: Francis—
Francis: —Please, call me Francis.
TNT: Okay, tell us about your new album?
Francis: Well, I’ve been really affected by all the wars and stuff going on in the world and what not. So I wanted my next album to be about peace, love, and compassion. We need to come together you know. We need to all be buddies.
TNT: What is it called?
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