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Doorathee At Snowpeek


Doorathee At Snowpeek

Like any great concert, Doorathee’s Tuesday show at the Snowpeek started three hours late.  Some grumbled but what they failed to realize is the wait is part of the performance.  It gives the audience an opportunity to contemplate the forthcoming performance as well as time to get a beer and a tour t-shirt.

When Doorathree finally took the stage she said nary a word but lunched into “Years of Shades,” a 17-minute opus comprised of one sustained note.

The performance was rapturous.  I wasn’t the only attendee who felt this way.  During the 17 minutes of understated perfection and subtle hyperbole many audience members spontaneously burst into uncontrollable screaming while others curled up in the fetal position to better enjoy the music.  A few people began dancing using a new step that involves making a fist and then sticking said fist in the face of a partner.  There was more than one suicide attempt.
Those unfamiliar with Doorathee’s music left before the song was over. 

If they only knew.

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