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Salvation Back In Studio With New Producer

Salvation300Salvation Back In Studio With New Producer

Salvation is back in the studio writing new material.

This is great news for Salvation fans as they had to endure a year of rumors that the reggae and bluegrass trio had disbanded. Their suspected split was over a very revealing and passionate documentary. The documentary wasn’t about them, it was about owls, but it really tore the band apart.

Well, reports of Salvation’s demise are greatly exaggerated. The band has worked out their disagreements and are now 100-percent committed to writing and recording a new album.

Salvation hopes to begin recording by the start of next month. They are waiting on producer Toddler-Mouth to finish with his current project.

If Toddle-Mouth is delayed Salvation will tap the services of former Mexicanity producer Rachel R. Rachel. If her water breaks and she goes into labor, Salvation will use producer extraordinaire Mick Mubin unless he goes back into rehab. If he does then it’s up to producer Nick Nubin.

That’s assuming Nubin is back from his vacation in Winnipeg and not working with his partner’s band, Jan Levison Gould. If he’s stuck with JLG then Salvation will go with Toby Blues or Reilly Waltz. Their involvement is dependent on whether one of them is producing the next Either Neither album.
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Doorathee At Snowpeek


Doorathee At Snowpeek

Like any great concert, Doorathee’s Tuesday show at the Snowpeek started three hours late.  Some grumbled but what they failed to realize is the wait is part of the performance.  It gives the audience an opportunity to contemplate the forthcoming performance as well as time to get a beer and a tour t-shirt.

When Doorathree finally took the stage she said nary a word but lunched into “Years of Shades,” a 17-minute opus comprised of one sustained note.

The performance was rapturous.  I wasn’t the only attendee who felt this way.  During the 17 minutes of understated perfection and subtle hyperbole many audience members spontaneously burst into uncontrollable screaming while others curled up in the fetal position to better enjoy the music.  A few people began dancing using a new step that involves making a fist and then sticking said fist in the face of a partner.  There was more than one suicide attempt.
Those unfamiliar with Doorathee’s music left before the song was over. 

If they only knew.

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Mexicanity Contributes Music To Controversial New Film

Mexicanity300Mexicanity Contributes Music To Controversial New Film

Red Is Hot recently won the top award at the Klagenfurt Film Festival. The movie is a daring coming-of-age tale that caused quite a stir at “Klagen” thanks to a graphic 17-minute love scene between a hermaphrodite and a polydactylic amputee.

Providing the background music for the lover’s romp is ADM (analog dance music) specialists, Mexicanity. 

“Director Smith Ivan didn’t have to ask us twice if we wanted to contribute music for Red Is Hot. We have seen his other works—Pink Is Passion, Yellow Is Lust, Brown is Bold—and loved them all. I guess you could say it’s always been a dream of ours to work with him,” explained Mexicanity founder Hully to a TNT reporter. 

Red Is Hot has drawn criticism and controversy because of its no-holds-barred sex scene. During the 17-minute romp, the characters engage in a variety of acts including one involving a pogo stick and another involving a car jack.
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Bunny Pop Makes Beach House Guests Sign NDA

Bunny Pop's beach home.

Bunny Pop’s beach home.

Bunny Pop Makes Beach House Guests Sign NDA

The Night Things has just confirmed that teenage singing sensation Bunny Pop is making his guests sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. The Alaskan heartthrob is threatening “catastrophic financial harm” to anyone who mouths off about his vacation beach home.

Bunny Pop rents out the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, beach adjacent home for $125 a night to family, friends, and friends of friends.

Regardless of your relationship with the pop star, you’ll have to sign a NDA. If guests break the confidentially of the NDA, either verbally, on social networks, or via skywriting, they will face severe financial restitution. Fines begin at $50 and go up to $150.
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The Creamies – Day Cream (Album Review)

TheCreamies-Day CreamThe Creamies – Day Cream (Album Review)

The Creamies avoided the sophomore slump with their 2010 release, Cream In Your Mouth Not In Your Pants. The highly rated album was a righteous blend of zestful beats and scrumptious riffs. Now, the ambient country dubcore trio is back with their third album. Once again they band is trying to prove that their last album wasn’t a delectable fluke.

There’s A Cream For That begins with a 14 minute ambrosial escapade of toothsome bass lines and piquant banjo solos that bore into the ear, locates a reputable Realtor, and buys a home. Eventually, they redo the kitchen cabinets and add a mother-in-law suite over the garage. It goes without saying that the song does a little landscaping and installs an above-ground pool.

The album’s second track is a fresh and sapid odyssey of flavorsome undulations and mouthwatering rumbles. The song’s aperitive lyrics, written by lead electric mandolinist Sunny Jack, expertly weaves succulents tales of woe with yummy yarns of yellow yachters yelling “whoa.” The track accomplishes a lot in just three seconds.
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Interview With Francis Langford

Francis LandfordInterview With Francis Langford

Earlier this year, Rumors of a Peter Files reunion were squash when the band’s front person, Francis Langford, announced plans to release his second solo album. With a new album dropping in July and a tour to follow, the earliest the Peter Files can get back into the studio is early 2014.

With so much going on, both in his solo career and with his iconic band, The Night Things decided to sit down with Langford and get his take on what’s going on with his goings on. The singer/guitarist/zitherist met our intrepid reporter, Alex J. Rollins at a Boston Market.

TNT: Francis—
Francis: —Please, call me Francis.
TNT: Okay, tell us about your new album?
Francis: Well, I’ve been really affected by all the wars and stuff going on in the world and what not. So I wanted my next album to be about peace, love, and compassion. We need to come together you know. We need to all be buddies.
TNT: What is it called?
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