Mexicanity Contributes Music To Controversial New Film

Mexicanity300Mexicanity Contributes Music To Controversial New Film

Red Is Hot recently won the top award at the Klagenfurt Film Festival. The movie is a daring coming-of-age tale that caused quite a stir at “Klagen” thanks to a graphic 17-minute love scene between a hermaphrodite and a polydactylic amputee.

Providing the background music for the lover’s romp is ADM (analog dance music) specialists, Mexicanity. 

“Director Smith Ivan didn’t have to ask us twice if we wanted to contribute music for Red Is Hot. We have seen his other works—Pink Is Passion, Yellow Is Lust, Brown is Bold—and loved them all. I guess you could say it’s always been a dream of ours to work with him,” explained Mexicanity founder Hully to a TNT reporter. 

Red Is Hot has drawn criticism and controversy because of its no-holds-barred sex scene. During the 17-minute romp, the characters engage in a variety of acts including one involving a pogo stick and another involving a car jack.

“The scene is vital to the movie,” explained Ivan. “I cannot tell this coming of age story without showing a shemale and an amputee getting their freak on for nearly 20 minutes. My producer, cinematographer, best boy, pool cleaner, and dentist all agree.”

The sex scene, which took six weeks to film, earned several complainants from Klagen members and attendees. The movie has yet to find a distributor. 

As for the controversy, Mexicanity remains grounded and undeterred.

“To tell you the truth we were unable to watch the entire scene,” notes Hully, “It’s pretty hardcore. No worries though, the scene doesn’t involve the main characters and it comes after the credits are over so it wasn’t crucial that we watched it.”

Mexicanity just finished a world tour and is expected to return to the studio before year’s end.

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