Bunny Pop Makes Beach House Guests Sign NDA

Bunny Pop's beach home.

Bunny Pop’s beach home.

Bunny Pop Makes Beach House Guests Sign NDA

The Night Things has just confirmed that teenage singing sensation Bunny Pop is making his guests sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA. The Alaskan heartthrob is threatening “catastrophic financial harm” to anyone who mouths off about his vacation beach home.

Bunny Pop rents out the three-bedroom, two-bathroom, beach adjacent home for $125 a night to family, friends, and friends of friends.

Regardless of your relationship with the pop star, you’ll have to sign a NDA. If guests break the confidentially of the NDA, either verbally, on social networks, or via skywriting, they will face severe financial restitution. Fines begin at $50 and go up to $150.

Putting your John Hancock on the NDA not only ensures Bunny Pop’s privacy but also means you’ll agree to follow several rules laid out by the “Boo Boo Boodle” singer.

For one, you have to restock any and all toilet paper you used during your stay. To be on the safe side, Bunny Pop suggests you bring your own bathroom tissue.

Two, you must turn on the water when you arrive and turn it off when you leave. There’s a lever under a board on the south side of the home. Turn it to the far right and the water is on.

Before you go, you’ll need to vacuum the entire house, wash all used bed linens, do the dishes, and clean out the refrigerator.

Insiders say Bunny Pop was fuming mad the day after Memorial Day when he popped into his beach house and found a package of moldy mushrooms in the crisper and sand all over the living room floor.

“My beach house has boodle, hey, but some Jacks and Jills don’t know howa keep it’all cleans. You gets what I’m sprayin?” yelled Bunny Pop before entering his private jet.

Currently, Bunny Pop is touring Southeast Europe promoting his latest album Hare Today, Hare Tomorrow. You can still rent his beach house. Just send him a email at bunnypopbeachboodle@comcast.net. You can pay via Paypal and he’ll text you the code for the key safe.

The beach house is usually reserved on weekend and holidays, so plan ahead. Pets are okay. Smoking is not aloud. Call girls and bottle service are available on demand.

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