The Creamies – Day Cream (Album Review)

TheCreamies-Day CreamThe Creamies – Day Cream (Album Review)

The Creamies avoided the sophomore slump with their 2010 release, Cream In Your Mouth Not In Your Pants. The highly rated album was a righteous blend of zestful beats and scrumptious riffs. Now, the ambient country dubcore trio is back with their third album. Once again they band is trying to prove that their last album wasn’t a delectable fluke.

There’s A Cream For That begins with a 14 minute ambrosial escapade of toothsome bass lines and piquant banjo solos that bore into the ear, locates a reputable Realtor, and buys a home. Eventually, they redo the kitchen cabinets and add a mother-in-law suite over the garage. It goes without saying that the song does a little landscaping and installs an above-ground pool.

The album’s second track is a fresh and sapid odyssey of flavorsome undulations and mouthwatering rumbles. The song’s aperitive lyrics, written by lead electric mandolinist Sunny Jack, expertly weaves succulents tales of woe with yummy yarns of yellow yachters yelling “whoa.” The track accomplishes a lot in just three seconds.

Other highlights of the album include the appealing “Who’s Knocking At My Door?,” the sweet and tempting “It’s Me, Can I Come In?” and the pungently yummy “Yes, It’s unlocked.” Each well-seasoned and well-prepared track is layered in choice syncopations that entice dainty senses with exquisite fills and heavenly staccato. The music literally jumps out of the speakers and into the listener’s mouth forcing them to either chew or spit.

The rest of the albums includes lush melodies and luscious rhythms. Sometimes the rhythms are lush and the rhythms are luscious. A few times both are lush but at no time is anything not luscious.

In “Ode To Girl (Johnny’s song) A Work In Progress” The Creamies use “F sharp” for the very first time in their career. The band’s keyboardist, Ju Ju Wolf, discovered the note while on vacation in Sacramento. The use of the new note is appetizingly titillating and divinely savory as it captures the nectarous vibe of days past from yesterday’s yore.

After just one listen to the 13-track, 183 minute album, it’s clear that The Creamies have done it again. It’s also pretty obvious that they are now the front runner for album of the year honors. Even if ambient country dubcore isn’t your normal taste, their new album, There’s A Cream For That, will definitely appease your musical sweet tooth.

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